Published Books

My works are on Amazon, both in ebook and paperback formats. They’re free on Kindle Unlimited!

Right on Time: A Standalone Alien Romance

Chloe is too busy for love. But right time or not, the winged hunk in her doorway is taking her on a space trip. To the altar.  

Right on Time is a science fiction romance novel about a busy jewelry maker with no time for love and a duty-driven alien subcommander on a mission who has no time to argue with a tempting female spitfire. Join Chloe and Nitiel as they clash, well-laid plans crash, and sexy and funny moments abound on the way to the guaranteed HEA. For mature readers only.

CWs: mention of parental death, past trauma from being ostracized by family/society, encounters with dangerous animals (no harm to animals), wounds, space battle, short hospital stay

When Darkness Falls: A Standalone Alien Romance

Miya plans a break from work, but first she has to survive her latest piloting job. Which is sure to get her killed… unless she breaks the hot alien prisoner out of the cargo hold.

When Darkness Falls  is a science fiction romance novel about a sassy human pilot and an enigmatic alien who’s tough only on the outside and deadly to her… lace undies. Join Miya on a space adventure filled with steamy moments, some spooky elements, and a hearty dose of humor on the way to the guaranteed HEA. For mature readers only.

CWs: horror elements (encounters with deadly aliens and fauna), assault, shootout, fighting resulting in off-page death, crash landing, injuries and wounds, goo and gore, mention of losing a parent and abandonment, aggressive flirting

Riding His Spaceship: A Standalone Alien Romance

Emilia plans to move to the big city for a fresh start. The universe, a.k.a. the hot tailed alien who abducts her, has other plans…

Riding His Spaceship is a science fiction romance novel featuring a feisty ginger waitress, a sweet alien guy with a soft spot for anything orange, and his toe-licking fur baby. Hop on an adventure-rich spaceship ride filled with steamy moments, blaster action, and a hearty dose of humor on the way to the guaranteed HEA. For mature readers only.

CWs: abduction, hand-to-hand fighting, shootout, wounds, topic of slavery, mention of losing a parent, mention of mentally abusive ex

Free Books

Behold the first story I released on Wattpad and Inkitt in 2022! Don’t laugh at the book cover: I made it with my two left hands :P

Three’s a Charm: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance

Sebastian, Dean, and Eric are cat shifters who have just found their fated mate. They’re ready to woo her individually and jointly. They’re hot, charming, and know just how to get her panties wet… But with Samantha having sworn off men, can they persuade the lone tigress to link herself to three?

A standalone paranormal M/F/M/M romance. For mature readers only.

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